In the Kitchen

The Chicken or the Egg

It’s all about the eggs today or lack of.. My hens have been finicky lately and not laying so much. Ordinarily I don’t care much but this time of the year we are getting bombarded with things like zucchini from the garden and I look forward to saving the harvest to some extent with making and stocking up on zucchini breads.  Looking forward to our newer hens to start laying in a month or so, but not soon enough. In the meantime I refuse to buy eggs!! So, look out friends with hens.. I may be found at your doorstep soon.

I’ve been in a funk with posting on my blog, so today I have promised myself even if I bore you to tears you will hear much more about what is going on at our Wampum Home.

Back to the lack of eggs. While planning my eggscapades I have resorted to Plan B. What is Plan B you ask.. it’s just a more exciting way of putting that I need to move on to the other end of garden season preserving.

green tomato relish, picalilly our way

Last night the beginning of picalilly was in order, this means cutting up a whole lot of green tomatoes, green peppers and a teary eyed onion or two. These all need to be chopped then mixed with a coarse kosher salt and sit overnight. I awoke to a beautiful ‘gardeny’ smell in the house this morning! yum!  Now this whole mixture will sit in a strainer for a couple of hours whilst (like that word?) I start prepping the next batch. Now, I have warned you.. are you bored to tears yet? I promise to work on posting pics with this post, maybe make it less painful.

Come back for more soon 🙂 It’s certain to get better ???? And if you want to make my life a whole lot better, please comment and let me know what YOU would like on my blog.


5 Responses to In the Kitchen

  1. Just checking out your blog a lil more, You have a lot of interesting post, do not give up I enjoyed what I have read so far, you are being to hard on yourself……

  2. madeactually says:

    I have never heard of picalilly, pico maybe but not picalilly. Sounds yummy and I could just smell your kitchen the morning after the ingredients melded together. Then what do you do with it?

    • Picalilly is a green tomato and onion relish (love using the green tom’s so they aren’t wasted end of season) with I think it’s nutmeg and some other seasonings. A woman I worked with had this recipe from her grandmother. My husband LOVES this! He swears it’s the same as his grandmother made. It’s nice to make something for him that brings back happy childhood memories 🙂

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