Pets not Peaves

Your Pets, My Pets, His Pets, Her Pets, Finned Pets, Feathered Pets and yes, Furry Pets. Big Pets, Little Pets, Red Pets, Blue Pets ( bring em here if you got em).

Pets Names, Breed, Owners First Names, Pictures, Short stories will be posted with the Pet. I’m curious to see if an old belief that owners n their pets look alike.. we will have to wait and see 😉

Below is My Cousin Vito 🙂


My Cousin Vito 🙂 in the pics he is 2 months and 4 months.. good lord, he is going to be a big boy! Vito came from a breeder in NH, who is seemingly becoming a family favorite. I’ll find the breeder link and post at a later date.


Word has it Vito is making his Mom n Dad very happy ‘most’ days and sound like his favorite chew toys may be them 😉 Can’t wait to hear more about how he is growing and learning, becoming part of the family.

 Thanks for Sharing Marge n Dennis !

Here Come My Furry and Feathered GrandPets..


Here is (Chocolate Lab) Bailey. Bailey is just the sweetest girl, I was there the day they found her and if they didn’t bring her home, I may have had to! She was the girl who kept my daughter company while she was home raising kids in their youngest days, the girl who played hard with three boys and taught them about caring for eachother. She LOVES a good swim second only to being loved and patted by just about anyone.. just watch out for that tail.. she wags it so much it’s the strongest part of her.. may knock you right over! Love you Bailey girl ❤


Macy came to us on birthday, a gift from my daughter to herself to celebrate my birthday (haha.. not really). It was one of the more special birthdays, getting to spend uninterrupted mother daughter hours for the long ride to pick Macy up. I consider Macy one of our gifts from my friend Trudy. Macy came to us from a no kill rescue organization in the south “WHERE HOPE LIVES” She is a mama’s girl.. defenitely a lap dog for her mom!


Sylvester.. he was a CraigsList kitty !! really? CraigsList ? Don’t know how someone couldn’t keep this crazy cat who thinks he is part dog, part person, part superhero. He leaps from high places.. sure.. but that’s catstuff! He has jumped mid air to take his daily prey from the grips of a neighborhood hawk. He is a family team player, grabbing the leash of Macy and taking her for a walk (unwillingly) through the house. He greets all neighbors and helps keep their yards free of rodents and unwanted small dogs!! He is fierce yet loves like a dog loves.



The feathered grandkids… it’s my youngest grandson who is what we refer to as the ‘chicken whisperer’ who has taken like a fish to water with his feathered family. You see, this kid knows these girls will provide him with years of wonderful eggs to eat!!

Thanks Nicole and Family for Sharing, Love You ALL xo ❤



Nikki is a shepherd/terrier mix who is a ‘rescue’ pup, although her mom Julie tells me she is not sure who rescued who. I’m certain it’s a lot of both. Nikki has given so much love to her family in good times and been there for the harder days.

 Thanks so much to my sweet friend Julie for sharing her furry best friend 🙂 ❤     Love You All xo  (stay tuned for Julies GrandPets)



Bella is a 6year old Red Bone Coon Hound, LOVE her color! I hear may has a reputation for the Town Mayor, she always has something to say when people are passing, stopping by, even does her version of the TV reviews/commentaries. Bella is the oldest kid in her family, belongs to Steve, a friend I met through work and classmate’s of my daughter.

Thanks for Sharing Bella with Us Steve 🙂 I’d never heard of this breed until you shared with me, she is a beauty!

Bodhi and Dharma

My Dogs, babies, furry freshness.



I have a crazy attachment to my Bodhi. He was named after a character in Road House played by Patrick Swayze. In no way did I believe in ‘spirits’ until I met my boy. His eyes sometimes look like my grandmother’s, sometimes like a friends, sometimes like someone I feel like I haven’t met yet. And sometimes, they just look like Bodhi’s eyes. He is my love, my quiet and gentle young man. He is what I aspire to be; Strong, gentle, love unconditionally, great patience, forgiving, non judgemental and insightful. Here is a pic of my pal. He is a 4yr old sable German Shepherd.


Why the silly picture? Dhama is a silly dog. Almost 4 yr old Black German Shepherd. She can’t stay still, my puppy with ADHD. Spends hours chasing shadows, bugs, birds.. She is unlike any dog I have ever had.. but when she comes in, ready to snuggle in, cuddle up (and she does!) she is the first one to jump up lay her head on my lap or on top of my feet. Dharma was my husband’s have to have another dog, dog.. but she is turning into a mama’s silly, look at life differently dog.. each one has a different look, personality.. Dharma teaches me not to take myself so seriously.. Love you silly girl!

8 Responses to Pets not Peaves

  1. crafteaser says:

    Awww…love the pics of the pets and their stories. Good people…good pets! Thanks for sharing, Kim!

    • kimverrochi says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my new blog. I do Love my pets!! It’s a great feeling to be able to share everyone elses too 🙂 Would love to share any pet photos you have as well 🙂

  2. Marge says:

    Kim, great pictures, all beautiful babies,lol! Thanks for taking the time to put this altogether, fun!

    • kimverrochi says:

      I am in love with my cousin Vito! Looking forward to add more pics of him as he grows 🙂 and grows and grows and grows…. hahaha

      • Marge says:

        I was showing your cousin your blog, Dennis enjoyed the different directions you are sharing. When he found the pet page he started to laugh out loud, Vito, your other cousin, does not look like the smiling little pup in the pic above….Like your babes Vito has grown tremendously and begins training school next week! He actually looks a little like Bodhi. Just another thanks Kim, we are very happy with Vito. Love 🙂

      • kimverrochi says:

        LOL.. Love you Dennis and Marge ! and My Cousin Vito!! so cute. Glad he’s finally getting to go to school. You’ll see, he will be so happy to learn. German Shepherds are happiest when they are learning, have a job/ expectations and you’ll feel so accomplished! I remember the first time I tried to leash walk in a class.. feeling very uncoordinated and then one day we were out practicing and he just did it! We are nowhere near the obedience guru’s but we get by with the basics.
        Bodhi is my Love, Dharma is my spaz. They keep me balanced. Glad you both stopped by. I’ll try to keep you amused Dennis!! haha.. Send more Vito pics.. would love to keep sharing! Good Luck with doggie school, so much fun! We will get together one of these days. xoxo Come back again. xoxo

  3. How cute. I absolutely believe pets and owners look alike

    • kimverrochi says:

      My dogs Bodhi and Dharma resemble my husband way more than me, but Bodhi is absolutely my personality (on my good days). Thanks for stopping by and reading my page 🙂 Hoping to have more pets soon

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