Welcome back Friends. This page will be my ‘brag’ page about great savings I’m learning to make in our life. If you follow my personal page on facebook you may be pretty tired of my constant brag posts, but … you know you want some too! I’m not an organized saver and honestly, every week is different but overall I save about 50% or more. Some weeks I am like most people and too busy to put in the work of advanced planning, coupon cutting and studying the circulars, but most weeks I am pretty cautious and often I don’t even need to go to the market because I have stocked up. I work full time, don’t have the hours to ‘work’ the budget but I hate hate hate getting ripped off! I’ve taught some friends how to do the things I do to save and they’re still at it. Today won’t get into much of the ‘teaching’ part of savings… mostly pure unsolicited bragging!!


Yes folks, this is the price I pay per gallon lately. I haven’t paid more than $1.50 in three months. I shop only at Stop and Shop and get gas only at Stop and Shop or Shell. The maximum savings is $2.20 per gallon and 35 gallons max. In order to maximize the savings I buy as close to the 35 gal max at each fill up. This allows me to stress less about stocking up gas points and deal shopping for the gas rewards.  I only get gas every 2 1/2 weeks now because we fill gas cans and store in garage/ fill my car as needed.


My husband is such a great sport helping with gas savings! Of course it came with a price.. haha.. you had to be there, but he was pumping gas and the whole time saying fresh things to me until i reminded him there was a 2way speaker right next to us where the people in the attendants booth/area were hearing everything he said! (his face was as red as the gas cans!!)

This is how my savings start – I have my morning coffee reading sites like for gas points and stop and shop grocery deals. i check sites like for other deals at places like Rite Aid and Dollar Tree and www.couponmom has an awesome list feature with great coupon matchups.  NOT every deal has to have a coupon, but when the coupon deals are too great to not stock up on I get extras from a clipping service .  (I do regularly buy 6 newspapers at stop and shop on sundays, i buy the boston herald because it’s $2each, much less than the boston globe, plus i get $12 towards future gas rewards… will talk about my lazy coupon organizing in another post)

Back to the gas savings… I wasn’t a believer until i dusted off my calculator (yup, i have a calculator.. not phone app!).  Do the math from the above deal, and this was one of the pricier gas scenarios but still a savings. Many are much more savings, but a deal is a deal!

This coming week (09.13.2013-09.19.2013):

‘Better than Ears Dog Treats’ 3/$7.00 = 40cents/gal savings.  I will buy (six deals) 18 Better than Ears Dog Treats = $42.  This will equal $2.40 in gas savings (2.20 max and 20cents towards my next deal). Total of 35 gals x 2.40 savings = $84.00. Net Savings of $42.00!!!   I luck out… have dogs that will devour these treats, but if you are saving a net $42 you could donate these treats to your local shelter !

Dharma 7.5wksb

Gas deals were published on I love this site and she has so much more to offer than just gas scenarios but she is local from Massachusetts so I watch her deal matchups closer than most.  Again, I am pretty low energy so I enjoy the fruits of her labors when she posts the great deals.

I hope you found this post fun, useful.. It makes me wonder if schools fundraising or landscapers or so many others applied simple savings how much more profitable they’d all be.  Hope to hear your comments and suggestions below 🙂


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