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Bodhi n Dharma’s list.

Dear SantaDog, This year we are sending you a list because we just don’t know that mom is getting to the mailbox on time, We will publish this to her blog so she has a copy for ‘reference’.  Here is … Continue reading

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SEVEN. 7 Things About Me

Blogging is an adventure, along the way I meet fabulous people, inspiring and creative, spiritual and grateful people, funny and serious all finding their path, their place in the community.  I recently read a post by Brandi @ Finding the Path … Continue reading

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Finally! or should I say “Fannily” some good news

This is a health related post (re-post?), you won’t find me doing this very often, butt … yup, i said butt..  Round bottomed people will find this liberating 🙂 A few weeks back our local news channel WCVB.COM (channel 5) shared a … Continue reading

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I’m Too Old for This Shit or Am I ?

O.K…. So, I’m feeling a whole lot overwhelmed and ten times all that in stupid lately and old, I’m feeling really really old. I wanted to start this blog, make it work, have fun, blah blah blah yahta yahta yahta.. and here I … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Brothers

Originally posted on Gold Can Stay:
It was one of those afternoons. It shouldn’t have been—not with the promise of an after-school trip through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-up window looming—but it was. Edgar’s first transgression in the car happened within moments and…

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New Pages Added .. click on menu bar above… WWYD  and/or Pets Not Peaves WWYD (What Would You Do?) .. Sure to open up some conversations. Not one of my proudest moments. Pets Not Peaves …. FINALLY.. a new page!! … Continue reading

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I just made a new Voki. See it here:

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