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Bodhi n Dharma’s list.

Dear SantaDog, This year we are sending you a list because we just don’t know that mom is getting to the mailbox on time, We will publish this to her blog so she has a copy for ‘reference’.  Here is … Continue reading

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Wamth for The Littles

I’ve been using some of my free ‘dark’ time this winter to discover my inner crafter. Often my experiments are chaotic, some catastrophic, but in the process I’ve had lots of laughs (at myself). Like most things life, you’ll never know until you … Continue reading

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Unopened Gift

If you don’t know this about me, I work in a Cancer Center, more specifically I work with an Oncologist and share a connecting suite with the chemotherapy department. Just a short walk down our hall we have a radiation … Continue reading

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SEVEN. 7 Things About Me

Blogging is an adventure, along the way I meet fabulous people, inspiring and creative, spiritual and grateful people, funny and serious all finding their path, their place in the community.  I recently read a post by Brandi @ Finding the Path … Continue reading

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You know that old saying, one man’s junk is another’s treasure.  Well, TRUTH is there’s entire movements out there based on this theory. Sharing, Yard Sales, Ebay, Barter sites, Craigs List and so on. Recently I started joining facebook yardsales (oh … Continue reading

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Finally! or should I say “Fannily” some good news

This is a health related post (re-post?), you won’t find me doing this very often, butt … yup, i said butt..  Round bottomed people will find this liberating 🙂 A few weeks back our local news channel WCVB.COM (channel 5) shared a … Continue reading

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I’m Too Old for This Shit or Am I ?

O.K…. So, I’m feeling a whole lot overwhelmed and ten times all that in stupid lately and old, I’m feeling really really old. I wanted to start this blog, make it work, have fun, blah blah blah yahta yahta yahta.. and here I … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Brothers

Originally posted on Gold Can Stay:
It was one of those afternoons. It shouldn’t have been—not with the promise of an after-school trip through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-up window looming—but it was. Edgar’s first transgression in the car happened within moments and…

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Save Today, Extra (s&s gas starting 10/11/2013)

Got Gas? You’ll want to get yours this coming week if you live in an area with Stop & Shop grocery stores.  I’m so excited I can’t even break it all down, but here’s the NO COUPON WAY you can save … Continue reading

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Save Today, Extra (ebates)

Have you been shopping lately? I did yesterday.. UGHHHHH traffic, parking, cranky people.. I love internet shopping. But most of the time you can purchase right from your laptop/computer/ smartphone. Last year I read and saw this site many times. Ebates:  Here is my … Continue reading

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