Bodhi n Dharma’s list.


Dear SantaDog, This year we are sending you a list because we just don’t know that mom is getting to the mailbox on time, We will publish this to her blog so she has a copy for ‘reference’.  Here is our ‘wish’ list – and not in order or favorites, cause we are happy with ANYTHING you bring us! Peanut butter in a Kong toy, one of those long stinky smelly things that keeps me busy for an hour, oh yes, lots and lots of those, they make our tails wag. A new glow in the dark collar so mom can see me run (away) in the dark. Speaking of running away, mom thought a GPS on my collar and a ‘video collar’ would be cool to see what all the hubbub was about.. seriously MOM, I need my privacy, I’m not out chasing girls!  On to more stuff – a new comforter for mom’s bed cause I’m kinda growing tired of the old one I’ve worn out, ummm, recently deconstructed (yes.. lots of fun fluffy stuff everywhere.. like indoor snow),  maybe a trip to the salon for a new do.. No, last time they used that big blower and it gave me static cling, maybe we could have one of those fancy vans come to the house and do the do.  A regular canine spa day would be good but no big dryers! SantaDog, please  Toss in a few extra pigs ears (not the living kind) and yes, balls.. lots and lots of balls cause Bodhi loves his so much (teehee), but the rubber kind we can’t eat or chew apart, the kind we can run after, chase and use all our great jumping and speed skills. Red balls, green balls, yellow balls, squeaky (anything that squeaks) balls! But most of all.. here it is.. Yes, a new puppy would be very nice (mom can do the fun part too, the housebreaking, teething phase and i’ll do all the hard stuff like teaching it to play, dig, run, play keep-away with mom’s socks (tug-a-war too) and underwear. We can take a rain check on the puppy til spring though when there’s more mud to practice our new tricks in. A puppy for each of us would be super barksome, but we’ll share. Mom likes when we share. Mom got us new ‘vests’, she says SantaDog will bring treats to put in the side pockets because I can’t figure out why else she would want us to wear this bright shiny things.  We promise we’ve been good dogs all year. We cuddled when Mom needed cuddling (and even when she didn’t know she needed it). We only had one indoor ‘poopsie’ all year! We still haven’t fessed up to who it was though, we take the fall for eachother.. when one gets that dirty look from mom we’ve got each other’s tails.  We only run away once or twice a week now. But most important in being a good pup, we ALWAYS love our mom even when she burns dinner (we are good savers so we eat anything she can’t feed dad- this happens a lot!) , has a bad day, is having a hot flash (what’s up with mom panting like a dog?), her morning grumpies (that’s when we love her most cause that’s when she needs it most). We love Dad too, but mom tells us we are her favorite, so I guess it must be true.. (well, we love our Dad too but because we love mom’s morning treats we don’t tell her we love them both the same).  So, SantaDog,’ you can see we are very good pups, we’d love any kinda fun your had in your red furry (that’s fake fur, right?) sack.  We will even refrain from eating the reindeer treats (well, that’s asking a bit much, but we’ll try!)

Love ❤

Bodhi and Dharma

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25 Responses to Bodhi n Dharma’s list.

  1. Marge says:

    ROFL….Kim so very funny and TRUE! Thanks Kim, needed a good laugh this morning!!!!!!!!!! If your looking for another puppy (so cute) there is one right here, right now, chewing on my robe, I’m sure your cousin Vito will be happy with the other “pups” (kidding,hummm, ya, only joking, hummmm!)

    • Love you guys! Glad you had a smile reading! Will have to do a follow up post on ‘My Cousin Vito” ! Dharma is in the bedroom as I type, re-making the bed.. ughhhh.. and Bodhi (always the perfect dog!) is snoozing in front of the fire. I cannot imagine my life without them. xo stay tuned.. more on “My Cousin Vito” in 2014 🙂

  2. madeactually says:

    hahahaha Such sweeties!! They deserve awesome goodies from Santa. Let us know what they find under the tree. 🙂

  3. Such a fun letter to Santa. I would get them everything they want 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  4. Hahahaha!!! Thank you for the great laugh this Saturday morning! 🙂 This is too cute.

    Life With Lorelai

  5. Sounds a lot like my dogs, Kim. Your post made me giggle and brought a tear to my eye. I don’t know what I would do without my fuzzy girls. They are lying down watching me and thinking, “I wish she’d get off her computer, finally. We are ready for breakfast.”

    • Oh no tears, but yes… I would be lost without my furbabies. We’ve had to wish a farewell to a few in our past, they ill forever be a part of who I am. They have taught me patience, what unconditional love truly looks and feels like, how playing in the mud isn’t a bad thing 🙂 Yes, I get the stink eye when I’m on the computer too, but it’s hard to ignore two large shepherds climbing into your face to have a ‘chat’. Best Holiday Wishes to you. Thanks for stopping by, come again 🙂 Would love to hear your fuzzy girls list too.

  6. Yvonne says:

    This was fun. I hope SantaDog is good to Bodhi and Dharma.

    • I know. I hope they have tons of fun.. of course if you could be a fly on the wall, you’d hear by the loud high pitched squeal that the squeaky balls were found ! I think SantaDog comes early for pups n dogs because they need to burn that energy before the actual day. Great fun!! Now to find the ear plugs 🙂

  7. Too cute. Did they get what they wanted? I have to know!

  8. Loved this! Very cute and original.

  9. Alicia says:

    This has to be the cutest blog posting ever! I love their little letter to SantaDog! Make their wishes come true!

    • They got so many toys and have lost all but one! I have no idea how they get the balls to bounce so far into the woods I cannot se them. I’m starting to wonder if our neighborhood family of fox are hoarding my dogs toys! This morning we lost two to deep snow drifts. Only thing left on their list is a spring puppy! teehee.. It will be a surprise for Daddy 🙂

  10. Adelien Tan says:

    It is a great and creative letter to SantaDog. I wish they have what they need and want.

  11. Christi Lyn says:

    You are such a good writer! Love this!

    • Thank you so much Christi. I do love writing but It seems to all be a jumbled up mess in my head these days. Your words are kind and just may be what I need to get back to this blogging thing 🙂

  12. beignetmamas says:

    I’m sitting here trying to giggle quietly so that I don’t wake up my hubby! My sides are starting to ache. LOL! You got me with the part about the hot flashes. Hilarious!

    • Oh I love my Bodhi and Dharma for so many reasons but their unconditional love in all my glorious warm and wreckless moments they still wag their tails and love me to pieces.. Glad you enjoyed the fun! I’ll get back to posting soon and they will be frequent ‘guest’ posters 🙂

  13. Pearlin says:

    Such a fun mail to dog Santa. Lol

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