Wamth for The Littles

I’ve been using some of my free ‘dark’ time this winter to discover my inner crafter. Often my experiments are chaotic, some catastrophic, but in the process I’ve had lots of laughs (at myself). Like most things life, you’ll never know until you try.  Here’s a project that’s super easy. NO SEW FLEECE BLANKETS  Requires no powered plug-in dangerously hot gadgets (though they still look like fun).

Can you tell what it is yet? Well, don’t fret. I have posted so many more below with instructions.(hint: it’s a blanket)  Read On and Pass It On : (I’m excited to hear who you share your blanket with)

Supplies:   NO SEW PROJECT

  • Two pieces Fleece 1-1 ½ yards each. Prints or Solids, this is all up to you.
  • Scissors (decent sharp pair).
  • Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Yard Stick or tape (scotch tape or painters tape)
  • Scrap paper or cardboard, old cereal box, junk mail


Varies, if you are doing this alone, approx 1 – 1 ½ hrs.


Pick two coordinating fleece fabrics, one can be solid.

  • Purchase 1 – 1 ½ yards each of fabric you picked out. (both pieces same length)     I only did 1 yard blankets. (either size makes a great lap warmer or car blanket but larger is better for adults and snuggling)
  • Pick your fringe size, I suggest 5” (after trying several from 3” – 8”)
  • Cut a 5” x  5” piece of cardboard, junk mail or paper. Put square aside for a moment.
  • Lay down right side out, lining up both pieces the best you can. Trim off selvage ends (does NOT need to be perfect)


  • Place pre-cut Square in corner and cut, then finish cutting remaining corners.
  • Line Yard Stick or tape and place from corner to corner on one side.


  • Cut (approx) 1” strips stopping at yard stick or tape.  (I measured my thumb/ tip to 1st knuckle as my approx 1” mark, I found it easier than the ruler on the T-square)
  • Keep cutting all the way around the fleece.   (o.k. if strips are ¾” – 1 ½”perfect doesn’t matter here)

blog first fleece step two blog breast cancer fleece   

  • Tie a double knot in strips of all four corners (attaching top and bottom pieces of fleece see above) 
  • Remove tape or yardstick and continue tying all around.
  • The fleece will bunch up a little as you go around. No worries, you can gently
  • tug on all sides when you’re done.

Voila!!! I am NO way a crafter and this is pretty awesome stuff! They do sell kits, but I’m told it’s much easier and more economical to pick out your own two pieces and pass on the kit. I’m pretty proud of this project and excited to share with more than the little ones in the family. 


Great project for a Christmas Gift, Baby Shower Gift, Birthday Gift, etc..

Service Project:   Make one for you and extra to donate to shelters or someone in need (fleece is super warm)

Added Bonus: BORED kids on vacation =  Christmas Break Project!!!!

I made 12 so far in two weekends it was my first time making them.  So rewarding to finally do something crafty ! Can’t wait to see the littles all cuddled up in theirs at Christmas.

Inspiration and initial directions came from my friend Melanie.  her kids have blankets from hmmm, I think she said 8 years ago and they’re still using them. Super durable and wash tougher than denim! Great bang for your buck!

EXTRA HELP: You can find tons of great videos on Youtube and Pinterest.(search no sew fleece blanket)

Oh yes, you can make matching pillows too, just size down the fabric by measuring your pillow and  adding about 12″ for fringe and knots.   Would love to see what you’re working on this winter and who you share with.

Coming Soon – Fun with those Old Buttons 

& Yarntasrophies!

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48 Responses to Wamth for The Littles

  1. O.M.G.! You mean all this time I could have been making blanket for gifts! I’ve wasted precious time! Seriously though, thank you for sharing this. I’ve always wondered how to make these. I bought two from someone selling them. I use them at cold soccer games. Too bad you don’t have a “Pin It” button. I would definitely pin it. But I will share. Thanks again. I found my Christmas gifts!

    • Never mind. I found the Pintrest button. Silly me. Pinned! 🙂

    • haha… glad you found one to pin. I can barely figure out blogging and struggled with trying to do ‘simple’ instructions for this. I’ll tackle pinterest after the new year. Funny you mentioned soccer games, After I got these started I though (lightbulb moment) I could make a whole set for the grandkids. Blanket, seat warmer, and scarf or ear warmers all with this no sew project in their school colors. Oh well, there’s always next year! I’m just so stinkin excited I found a project I CAN DO!!!

  2. My sister in law made one of these for my son last year. He adores it! However, until reading this, I always assumed it took her days and days! What a cool project. Possibly one that even I would not mess up!

    • Shhhh, don’t let on to your sister in law you know the secret. Just think of all the gifts you can make for next year now that the secret’s out! I was giddy with joy when I discovered I could make something all on my own!! I showed a friend over the weekend and she ran right out, bought fleece and made one that night. She was as excited as me… then she asked what I was going to teach her next! haha.. I have a fleece fan!

  3. Karen says:

    What a great craft to do! Looks like so much fun! 🙂 thanks for sharing! These would def make for some fun gifts n def for pay-it-forwards too!!

    • Karen, I especially love that these can be part of pay it forward, especially in cold areas like where I live. Great for shelters, seniors, cancer patients, toys for tots, so many many more that could use a little beautiful or fun warmth! I’ll keep an eye out on your site for coupons and deals on fleece online or at Joanne Fabrics !! 🙂

  4. I love making these! I use to have time for crafts. Uh hum before kids. Now I look for crafts like these. These are ones you can do with kids around. They love helping (depending on age). I will have to check out the pillows that go with them. I have not made those yet. That would make a great Christmas gift.

    • So easy and even for kids at certain ages for tying knots, great exercise in fine motor skills 😉 and a great way to teach kids the gift of giving to someone less fortunate.. while making one you can imagine what kind of person you are giving it to 🙂 Thx for stopping by.

  5. Jen says:

    I can even do this! LOVE it! My college roommate and I made these for Christmas gifts one year.

    • I know.. I think pretty much anyone can make these, even recycle some older fleece blankets. Imagine how excited someone will be to have their own special from Jen blanket! Thx so much for popping in to Wampum Home 🙂

  6. Carli says:

    These are so cute! I have seen them before but never knew how they were made! Thanks for sharing!

    • Super duper easy too. If a clutzy old lady like myself can do this is, pretty much anyone can and I think they’re beautiful. I love how each one is hand picked for an individual. There were some I made for donating or random giving (I like to keep gifts in my car for ‘just in case’ I see a stranger I think needs a smile). The pink ribbon one I have at work now and am sharing with patients how to make them 🙂 Eventually it will find it’s way home with someone too. Glad you enjoyed, if you make one, please share a pic 🙂

  7. Alicia says:

    I love this idea! I am already planning to make Bella a blanket when she starts school. This is easy and quick! I wish I stayed near you, you would help me find my creative side….minus the snow!

    • haha.. have I ever told you I was born in South Carolina? My Dad was in the Navy and I was born on base in Charleston. I am now going to rename you from Curly Girl to my Southern Sister 🙂 Can’t wait to see the blanket you make for Bella, but i’m sure once you make one you’ll make more.. easy, fun and comfy for cool days and nights. Share pics!!!

  8. I LOVE that pink, black and white one! So cute and cozy all of these are!!!

    • That was also one of my favorites! It is going to my niece, she gets a kick out of the girly things I find or make for her, even when my crafts are ‘silly’ she is too young to be critical. But we both love us some animal prints and PINK! I can’t wait to see her open it 🙂

  9. Lisa Trudell says:

    I love the ideas of crafts but don’t think I am good at being crafty. However, I may have to try this one!

    • I am a craft hacker.. the worst, but keep trying. This was so easy, really.. and perfect is NOT a requirement. The most important part is cutting the four corners, but even those were not ‘perfect squares’. I just asked a friend to pick up some fleece for me to do 3 more, I may have to call her and make it even more!

  10. You did an awesome job! They are beautiful. I particularly like the first one with the flowers on it. Oh, you know my love for buttons. I can’t wait to see what you are going to teach us with those. Excited!

    • Oh Regina, your praise means the world to me.. coming from the craftanista herself! I have thought and re-thought the button idea. First it was Christmas inspired then I thought it would be enjoyed more year round.. back to the drawing board, but have a good idea the direction I’m taking 🙂 Stay tuned!!

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    • I am ‘honored’ you are sharing my post.. my first ‘shared’ post EVER!! I was giddy as a little kid when I read this comment earlier (delay in reply due to phone)! You have made my night, I feel special oh so special.. hahaha.. and yes, I stopped and got more fleece on my way home from a docs apt today. Going LARGE on my next one. May need to put leaf in table 🙂

  12. I’ve totally been wanting to do this for ages. I think these are so adorable and I love that they are handmade. Maybe next year I will actually get off of my tuckus and do one! I am pinning so I can come back!

    • They’re good for all occasions that require warmth.. birthdays, showers, I am making one for myself as a lap blanket for my car. It can be a cold ride home waiting for the car to warm up. These are perfect size for cars, carriages, wheelchairs 🙂 Hope you get a chance to try one. Most fabric stores can give you tips too, but easy peasy 🙂

  13. LOVE this idea–looks easy enough for someone with all thumbs like me could even do! Great gift idea, too!

    • It is that easy! There are tons of videos and tutorials out there too, so you can find the one that works best for you. The fabric stores all know about these, so they are great for tips. I’m hooked, making my first LARGE one this weekend. As for being all thumbs, the only thumb I don’t have is a green one. Also, I am making extra’s for random giving to people not on my list that could use the warmth or just the smile 🙂 Would love to see pics if you do this 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Bonnie Frank says:

    This is the ONLY craft project I’ve seen online that I have actually made! I love these blankets. What a great gift, too!

    • Love them so much, great for almost anyone, any age too! I just found out today that I’ve missed 25 of the 26 days of pay it forward in memory of the children of Newtown CT. I am certain to be sharing some of these blankets and more on their behalf. Joanne Fabrics is 50% off tons of stuff right now, including fleece.. I’ve become a regular there. Love that store! and they’re always super helpful. Michael’s is great but can never find anyone to help me and they don’t carry fabric 😦

  15. I made my girls’ blankets when they were younger. We used my younger daughter’s blanket with the soccer balls as a lap blanket at her games. This was a project that I actually finished. It was easy, I didn’t poke my eye out or cut myself. That’s always a win. This brought back memories.

    You might have given me an gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for Mom, too.

    • My father in law is impossible to buy for.. he is getting one. Red n gray print with dark gray back. Very lux look and he does like homemade. . Thx fr stopping by..hope u share pics of your blanket 🙂

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  18. Dana says:

    I am not a crafter, but I was inspired to make these blankets years ago – at least six or seven. I made one for each kid and they still use them; my daughter even made her own a few years back. Well worth the time and effort!

    • I have a strong desire to find my inner crafter but typically have terrible experiences.. this was super easy with very few supplies needed. I just made five more today, these are for sharing with a few kids that could use a smile and in memory of the angels of SandyHook Elementary ❤

  19. Claire Duffy says:

    I love the idea of being a crafter, and regularly get as far as buying the supplies, though am yet to sit down and actually… do any of the crafts, but I could see myself doing this! So thank you, you might just have finally allowed me to become the crafter I’ve always suspected I could be, without really doing the crafts. It doesn’t get much better than that!

    • I can absolutely relate. I have all kinds of stuff.. I have decided I have granny ADD, this could have happened with the fleece too but my husband was my ‘coach’ urging me to clear off the &*#% kitchen table.. haha.. whatever it takes.. he got me motivated and now I can’t stop.. just made 5 more this weekend.. some for ‘random acts’ . Find someone/something to make you accountable and you’ll be pumping these things out like your own little factory 🙂 If you make one, come back and share a link 🙂

  20. Paul Brads says:

    TLW (my wife) has made several of the blankets, two this Christmas!

    • I lost count.. and still have one left to make. Great fun to have on hand for a random gift! But did I make one for myself?? I’ll bet your wife had a great time picking out just the right fabric for the people she is gifting 🙂 Thx for stopping by, I really enjoyed your post also 🙂

  21. madeactually says:

    So proud of you for “crafting”, and for the “give it a try” attitude. That’s always been my view too, you never know if you can do it till you try and you did it!!! Have you tried one with longer thinner fringe, for us hippy chics? I can see one in a camel color reminiscent of leather, with long thin fringe.
    Will be looking for more creative things from you. 🙂

    • That sounds awesome! It would need to be more long than wide.. Most fleece comes in 60′ wide, so the longer the fringe the skinnier it gets.. but was just thinking I could make some polymer clay beads (with larger holes) to thread on these. Of course, then add another couple of hours to the project but much more grown up. I’ve also toyed with making a ‘shawl’. I have the dimensions and drew a pattern idea.. more to come.. I am in love with fleece.. so forgiving!

      • madeactually says:

        Sounds like a good plan. Although, I’m afraid polymer beads might not like the dryer? What do you think?
        A shawl sounds interesting and with the right kind of fleece, you might make it look like something entirely different than the traditional printed fleece throws.

      • Absolutely. I am going to try a rich brown . It will have longer thinner fringe. I loooove cape/shawls

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  23. Natalie says:

    Kept thinking how did I miss this one! I looked on the calendar and realized the day of this post was Monday. Anyway, this is an a great no-sew idea. I would dare to say that right about now there would be some folks warm and happy. I believe everyone is an artist/crafter/creator. Creating is food for the soul! Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

    • Oh, I still have a few yards of fleece waiting for me to do.. They were so much fun and easy.. I really got a great sense of satisfaction making and of course giving. I’ll make them every year now! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the post 🙂

  24. Travelessence says:

    I needed this for our next american girl club meeting. THANK YOU! ;o)

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