Finally! or should I say “Fannily” some good news

This is a health related post (re-post?), you won’t find me doing this very often, butt … yup, i said butt..  Round bottomed people will find this liberating 🙂

A few weeks back our local news channel WCVB.COM (channel 5) shared a (click here) story, I must have missed it or I surely would have saved to my DVR for hubby to read, absorb, memorize! Fortunately we have the internet to recollect fabulous facts to share with our friends, family and like-minded or shall I say ‘like fannied” women.  I have little (or a lot) to say about this story, I think it speaks for itself, for me, for so many like me!

As you can see, I am still struggling with ‘creating links’ within a blog post, but in the interest of getting the word out… I MUST POST THIS without another moment wasted!


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4 Responses to Finally! or should I say “Fannily” some good news

  1. Alicia J says:

    Hey boo!!

    Welcome back my sweetums!!

    Now, when it comes to butts…I missed the mark 😦 Yes I am black, NO I don’t have a butt (teehee) It could use some work. I am determined to do more squats and see what will come of this bottom of mine. LOL I guess you will have to coach me on how to get a bigger butt! 🙂

    • kimverrochi says:

      My butt is as white as a full moon and as big.. no secrets to my round bottom, just genes (not to be confused with jeans, which never fit by the way). I’ll have to give this one some thought.. I do however tell my husband that the reason I get so tired is I have to carry this big old thing around with me all day! LOL.. he is a flat bottomed man … is still thinking this ‘may’ make sense! Thx for stopping by cutiepie, see ya soon in the fun group 🙂

  2. Pearlin J says:

    thats some consolation :))

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