I’m Too Old for This Shit or Am I ?

O.K…. So, I’m feeling a whole lot overwhelmed and ten times all that in stupid lately and old, I’m feeling really really old. I wanted to start this blog, make it work, have fun, blah blah blah yahta yahta yahta.. and here I sit spending HOURS and DAYS just trying to figure out how to link posts to pages. I spend too much time trying to find pictures (no pics with this post)…. I wanted to do a post on ‘my blog space’, which I notice a lot of my blogging buddies are doing.. HAHAHAHA… my blog space has turned into a hoarders dream!! Technology (or lack of) is overtaking my life lately.  O.K… let’s back up just a bit, oh about 15 years ago, when my house was clean(er) .. nope never CLEAN, my errands got done, my dogs got brushed, my husband had dinner on the table (well, food we called dinner… never could cook!). I only used my computer for work related ‘stuff’, emails, sharing jokes, woes, gossip…. Fast forward (or crawl) to the new age of technology… dinner???!!!! hahaha.. what can I make in 10mins or less? clean (or some version of) the house?? OMG.. can’t even admit how bad it is!! Dogs brushed.. hell, why brush when i can just wait til they shed and vacuum (note to self- make appt for groomer).  Fast forward.. to my blogging space.. or cluttered dusty mess.  My computer is ancient, I’ll admit that is a big part of my frustrations, but my determination to learn this blogging thing has kept me tied to my keyboard so long I’ve let life get ahead of me.  You get the point.. Does anyone get anything done anymore AND stay up to date on facebook, emails, twitter, pinterest, blogging? ? ? ? ? ?

Oh, did I just rant on myself??!!! yup….. I’ve been home sick for a week, seeing things in the light of day (things like dust, cobwebs, dog fur) has me in a twit (not be confused with twitter).  So, just for today I am taking the laundry out of the dryer when it’s dry, washing a few windows, dusting a few cobwebs, and clearing the clutter from my space and my mind, going old school with a ‘to do’ paper list..  Hoping next post is from a more calm place.

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18 Responses to I’m Too Old for This Shit or Am I ?

  1. eric says:

    So someone had to say it and it looks like you did. Thank you! I have been feeling the same way about so many things going on in my life. Too much to do and too little time to do it. Just remember when the end is upon us we probably wont be thinking “I wish I would have worked harder to keep things more organized.” Have fun its over in a flash!

    • kimverrochi says:

      So true Eric. You’ve been a great support in our group. I so appreciate your help. Love your blog too….do you ship in states? I’m liking some of the old lunch boxes 😉

  2. Seeing that you’re on WP I can’t really offer much help. I’m on blogger but give it some time and you’ll be good to go. It gets easier, that much I do know. I have a full time job but one thing that has made my blogging life easier is scheduling posts. I usually schedule my posts for late in the afternoon so when my readers wake up in the morning a new post is there. Might help you out.

  3. Oh how I can relate!I almost gave up about a month ago, I did not post for almost a month. I joined a free FB group by Delia from “blogformatting.com” and it got me moving again. She has a lot of tips that she so freely shares. I have built my blog from trial and error(more error). I am not a writer, I am praying the more I do the better I get. But I have attempted to blog a couple times before on blogger and gave up after about 2 post. I am probably older than you I want to blog full time after I retire so I am trying to get it right. I only have a few more yrs. hopefully to work. However, I am a night nurse and if it was not for that I do not know how I would find time to get post written. Like you I get over whelmed and just can not find the time. Hang in there, o, btw…I never do anything without that list, b/c nothing would ever get done. Another thing, I did not realize how terrible it is for me to stay focused till now, I find myself learning my post and running all around the net…and then,,,O, let me get back to blogging., It will get better, (fitandbeyond40.com)

    • kimverrochi says:

      Sounds like s great resource that ill be sure to link into ! I’m in health care too. Oncology. Some days it’s all I can do to just drag myself home. Funny you said blogging in retirement, that’s my hope too. I figured if I start now ill get better by then. So happy to have found you. 🙂

  4. Alicia J says:


    I honestly feel the same way at times. That’s when I step away for a little bit. I took the weekend to refresh my mind. I have about 15 posts already done and ready for my launch. After visiting everyone else’s blog–I tend to second guess even launching. I almost feel like my blog will never measure up to theirs… I know, I know… I shouldn’t do that! When you look at the nuts and bolts of blogging and social media, yeah you are always on it promoting and learning. Just take a small break from everything girl! You deserve it! 🙂

    • kimverrochi says:

      Can’t wait for your grand reveal! I think I need a check list so when I blog I dont lose focus. I also need my new computer…this one freezes constantly making everything take FOREVER. .. thx so much for all your support. 🙂

  5. Bonnie Frank says:

    To answer your questions, “No.” No, I’m never caught up on blog reading, blog writing, emails, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, laundry or anything else. I’m a former teacher, though, so I’m used to it. No matter how much grading, lesson planning or classroom arranging/organizing a teacher has done, there is always more to do. I’ve learned to just be satisfied with less…a lot less. Doesn’t mean I stop trying, I just am “less hard” on myself after. Hang in there!

    • kimverrochi says:

      I should be used to being never caught up, but after being home sick for most of last week, I got to see my house in a different light (sunlight pouring through the windows) and ughhh, could see dust and dog fur in places I hadn’t noticed before. I think being frustrated with my health, age, learning curves just got the best of me. The good side is I posted my ‘truth’ and got off the computer and cleaned ! Now if it would just stay that way all on it’s own.. hahaha… I’ve decided a good old fashioned planner for blogging with lots of notes of what I’d like to write about, things I’m good at, things i’m learning, and maybe even write about getting organized (or not)! Once I get my new computer in the computer ‘time’ issues will get better. I won’t give up, I want this to work! Eye on the Prize! So glad you stopped by and I truly do appreciate the support and comments. 🙂 🙂

  6. Bonnie Frank says:

    P.S. Do you have Facebook or other social media buttons for your blog?

    • kimverrochi says:

      Not yet. This is my .com WordPress blog. I am going to switch to .org in a month or so (time frame keeps moving out) and add widgets for FB, Twitter, Google+ on the new blog, or this one transferred. New Name too (i think). You can ‘follow’ me on this blog though !! I’d love that!! I’m fairly certain I’m following you via email 🙂 and you can follow me on twitter now @kimverrochi 🙂

  7. Carli says:

    I don’t get anything done anymore. It is a constant struggle between promoting my blog, writing posts, reading other blogs and cleaning my house and cooking dinner. I am trying to find a balance. I keep telling myself that once I get my blog up and running I can slow down but who am I kidding!

  8. adelien says:

    I think this is a normal problem faced by bloggers, especially like us. I am trying to do writing, social media, commenting, maintaining /developing, mindmapping on cycle. Then I still have to do more things with kids, homemaking, and business. It is a never ending story. By the way, posting is a kind of habit lately as I am going on with the UBC (Ultimate Blog Challenge. Just keep up going. Let’s the experience becomes our living teacher.

    • kimverrochi says:

      OMG! What mindmapping??!!!! Sounds like Scientology! I think ill try ultimate blog challenge. Thx for all your support and great tips! Now to google on mindmapping! LOL. 🙂

  9. mike says:

    it is hard to balance everything. I have found blogging is so time consuming and I have virtually no following so far. if you need technical help, join the Facebook group Bloppy Bloggers and there are a lot of people who love to help with everything.

    • kimverrochi says:

      Thx Mike for assuring me I’m not alone. I’ve put in for the fb group you’ve suggested, waiting to be ‘accepted’. Our pre-blogging group has been a huge source of support for me with loads of support and crazy good advice 🙂 I love the theme of your blog.. keep going, it may take some time for a following, but you’re definitely on to something!! So much fun to read your Q & A’s.

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