The Secret Life of Brothers

For my grandsons and nephews. Love you xo.. u too Kat xo

I found this post on WordPress under ‘Blogs I Follow’, written on a blog called My Three Sons. It caught my eye, with 3 grandsons, 3 nephews, 2 brothers. I thought this was such an insightful way of how siblings develop their relationships, reminded me of times when I was a kid (yes, i was once a very long time ago young-er-ish) and how fiercely protective I felt of my sister and while they may not have known it, my brothers too.  I am thankful for all their support and love over the years and look forward to our children and grandchildren sharing stories, sorrows and victories together. 1971Christmas


Gold Can Stay

It was one of those afternoons.

It shouldn’t have been—not with the promise of an after-school trip through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-up window looming—but it was.

Edgar’s first transgression in the car happened within moments and led to a consequence.  The consequence led to a reaction.  The reaction led to another consequence.  And so it went.

When it was time for our trip to Dunkin Donuts, the wheels had come off the proverbial bus and Edgar, even if the request for his order had been proffered, wouldn’t have heard it so loud were his protestations.  As we drove to the window and picked up two treats instead of three, he was completely beside himself.

IMG_3187We drove.  Edgar’s tears flowed audibly as his brothers silently munched.   I could sense they were uncomfortable.  Sad even.  At every red light I kept a vigil through my rearview mirror, watching their collective body language and trying…

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3 Responses to The Secret Life of Brothers

  1. kimverrochi says:

    Loved so much i reblogged for my grandsons.

  2. Wow 3 sons. What a blessing!! I love this post. I had one of each, and we are done. 😦 But I remember when I was pregnant trying to imagine having 2 boys and how much fun that would have been for my son. I am so blessed with my baby girl though. SHE IS AMAZING!!! Please follow along at

    • kimverrochi says:

      I loved this story, it wasn’t mine. I reblogged and added some content, but I had to share so my daughter could read as well. She has 3 boys and so much fun and fiercely loyal to each other 🙂 I’ll be sure to follow along at 🙂

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