Save Today, Extra (ebates)

Have you been shopping lately? I did yesterday.. UGHHHHH traffic, parking, cranky people.. I love internet shopping. But most of the time you can purchase right from your laptop/computer/ smartphone. Last year I read and saw this site many times. Ebates:  blogebateslogo

Here is my personal review – Whoever created this site is GENIUS! We all know when you click on a link, the person who shares (myself included) ‘may’ make a few cents off their referral.  On Ebates, they hook you up with several stores on one site. Sure, they make money, but they SHARE their profit back with you!! Yes, you get an ‘ebate’ or in my world, a rebate each and every time you make a purchase (from stores you are already shopping at online).  Yes, I have used this site on more than one occasion and as recent as yesterday to shop on LLBean.  Last year my big rebates came from Kohls.  They have thousands of stores you already shop at. I do make a referral fee, but once you sign up you make one too.  Stores like OfficeMax often offers sale prices and rebates making items free. If you purchase deals like that you can ‘make’ money.  So, here is what I suggest you do TODAY.. click link, sign up, save it to your favorites, mark a note on your computer.  Anytime you need to shop online check ebates first. (any sales the store offers are still valid.. ebates is only a link to get to your store.. tracks your purchase and rebates you $$ for using their site).  You can get paid check or paypal. You can’t lose.  Costs you nothing. It’s FREE to sign up. Safe, secure site. Found this on krazycouponlady, saw on World News and read on several sites, it’s legit and safe.


Sign up today, you will be so excited come holiday shopping time.. you’ll be more motivated to $ave come holiday sales and the rebates come November/December are typically much higher than the rest of the year.  It was like my little gift to myself after the holiday craziness.  blogebateslogo


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