Bodhi n Dharma’s list.


Dear SantaDog, This year we are sending you a list because we just don’t know that mom is getting to the mailbox on time, We will publish this to her blog so she has a copy for ‘reference’.  Here is our ‘wish’ list – and not in order or favorites, cause we are happy with ANYTHING you bring us! Peanut butter in a Kong toy, one of those long stinky smelly things that keeps me busy for an hour, oh yes, lots and lots of those, they make our tails wag. A new glow in the dark collar so mom can see me run (away) in the dark. Speaking of running away, mom thought a GPS on my collar and a ‘video collar’ would be cool to see what all the hubbub was about.. seriously MOM, I need my privacy, I’m not out chasing girls!  On to more stuff – a new comforter for mom’s bed cause I’m kinda growing tired of the old one I’ve worn out, ummm, recently deconstructed (yes.. lots of fun fluffy stuff everywhere.. like indoor snow),  maybe a trip to the salon for a new do.. No, last time they used that big blower and it gave me static cling, maybe we could have one of those fancy vans come to the house and do the do.  A regular canine spa day would be good but no big dryers! SantaDog, please  Toss in a few extra pigs ears (not the living kind) and yes, balls.. lots and lots of balls cause Bodhi loves his so much (teehee), but the rubber kind we can’t eat or chew apart, the kind we can run after, chase and use all our great jumping and speed skills. Red balls, green balls, yellow balls, squeaky (anything that squeaks) balls! But most of all.. here it is.. Yes, a new puppy would be very nice (mom can do the fun part too, the housebreaking, teething phase and i’ll do all the hard stuff like teaching it to play, dig, run, play keep-away with mom’s socks (tug-a-war too) and underwear. We can take a rain check on the puppy til spring though when there’s more mud to practice our new tricks in. A puppy for each of us would be super barksome, but we’ll share. Mom likes when we share. Mom got us new ‘vests’, she says SantaDog will bring treats to put in the side pockets because I can’t figure out why else she would want us to wear this bright shiny things.  We promise we’ve been good dogs all year. We cuddled when Mom needed cuddling (and even when she didn’t know she needed it). We only had one indoor ‘poopsie’ all year! We still haven’t fessed up to who it was though, we take the fall for eachother.. when one gets that dirty look from mom we’ve got each other’s tails.  We only run away once or twice a week now. But most important in being a good pup, we ALWAYS love our mom even when she burns dinner (we are good savers so we eat anything she can’t feed dad- this happens a lot!) , has a bad day, is having a hot flash (what’s up with mom panting like a dog?), her morning grumpies (that’s when we love her most cause that’s when she needs it most). We love Dad too, but mom tells us we are her favorite, so I guess it must be true.. (well, we love our Dad too but because we love mom’s morning treats we don’t tell her we love them both the same).  So, SantaDog,’ you can see we are very good pups, we’d love any kinda fun your had in your red furry (that’s fake fur, right?) sack.  We will even refrain from eating the reindeer treats (well, that’s asking a bit much, but we’ll try!)

Love ❤

Bodhi and Dharma

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Wamth for The Littles

I’ve been using some of my free ‘dark’ time this winter to discover my inner crafter. Often my experiments are chaotic, some catastrophic, but in the process I’ve had lots of laughs (at myself). Like most things life, you’ll never know until you try.  Here’s a project that’s super easy. NO SEW FLEECE BLANKETS  Requires no powered plug-in dangerously hot gadgets (though they still look like fun).

Can you tell what it is yet? Well, don’t fret. I have posted so many more below with instructions.(hint: it’s a blanket)  Read On and Pass It On : (I’m excited to hear who you share your blanket with)

Supplies:   NO SEW PROJECT

  • Two pieces Fleece 1-1 ½ yards each. Prints or Solids, this is all up to you.
  • Scissors (decent sharp pair).
  • Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Yard Stick or tape (scotch tape or painters tape)
  • Scrap paper or cardboard, old cereal box, junk mail


Varies, if you are doing this alone, approx 1 – 1 ½ hrs.


Pick two coordinating fleece fabrics, one can be solid.

  • Purchase 1 – 1 ½ yards each of fabric you picked out. (both pieces same length)     I only did 1 yard blankets. (either size makes a great lap warmer or car blanket but larger is better for adults and snuggling)
  • Pick your fringe size, I suggest 5” (after trying several from 3” – 8”)
  • Cut a 5” x  5” piece of cardboard, junk mail or paper. Put square aside for a moment.
  • Lay down right side out, lining up both pieces the best you can. Trim off selvage ends (does NOT need to be perfect)


  • Place pre-cut Square in corner and cut, then finish cutting remaining corners.
  • Line Yard Stick or tape and place from corner to corner on one side.


  • Cut (approx) 1” strips stopping at yard stick or tape.  (I measured my thumb/ tip to 1st knuckle as my approx 1” mark, I found it easier than the ruler on the T-square)
  • Keep cutting all the way around the fleece.   (o.k. if strips are ¾” – 1 ½”perfect doesn’t matter here)

blog first fleece step two blog breast cancer fleece   

  • Tie a double knot in strips of all four corners (attaching top and bottom pieces of fleece see above) 
  • Remove tape or yardstick and continue tying all around.
  • The fleece will bunch up a little as you go around. No worries, you can gently
  • tug on all sides when you’re done.

Voila!!! I am NO way a crafter and this is pretty awesome stuff! They do sell kits, but I’m told it’s much easier and more economical to pick out your own two pieces and pass on the kit. I’m pretty proud of this project and excited to share with more than the little ones in the family. 


Great project for a Christmas Gift, Baby Shower Gift, Birthday Gift, etc..

Service Project:   Make one for you and extra to donate to shelters or someone in need (fleece is super warm)

Added Bonus: BORED kids on vacation =  Christmas Break Project!!!!

I made 12 so far in two weekends it was my first time making them.  So rewarding to finally do something crafty ! Can’t wait to see the littles all cuddled up in theirs at Christmas.

Inspiration and initial directions came from my friend Melanie.  her kids have blankets from hmmm, I think she said 8 years ago and they’re still using them. Super durable and wash tougher than denim! Great bang for your buck!

EXTRA HELP: You can find tons of great videos on Youtube and Pinterest.(search no sew fleece blanket)

Oh yes, you can make matching pillows too, just size down the fabric by measuring your pillow and  adding about 12″ for fringe and knots.   Would love to see what you’re working on this winter and who you share with.

Coming Soon – Fun with those Old Buttons 

& Yarntasrophies!

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Unopened Gift

If you don’t know this about me, I work in a Cancer Center, more specifically I work with an Oncologist and share a connecting suite with the chemotherapy department. Just a short walk down our hall we have a radiation department (where I worked a few years back).  There are several other important components in our center but those are our primary cancer care focused departments.  I am NOT a clinician or a medical professional. I am in an administrative role, a coordinator. A very large part of my every day, my waking hours five days a week is helping people find resources, make appointments, figure it all out, help them find their way in their journey.

My job is probably one of the most fulfilling in healthcare. I am blessed to witness several times a day the human spirit at work, the fight for life, the desire to ‘be’ in the moment while finding the right path to continue to the next.  These people, my patients are my heroes.  I love these people, with all their worries, hopes, fears and dreams, I love them all.  I believe each and every patient is a survivor. I believe that if they open their eyes the next day, they are a survivor. Their families are survivors, their friends and neighbors are survivors. Their community and support system is such a large part of the fight, the journey thus allowing me to be part of their journey ,each and every one and I am blessed to be part of that part of this.

I often wonder what God wants of me, what my job is here on earth, what is my gift? I only needed to unwrap that gift to see what it is. It’s been there all along, I just needed to allow myself the moment to open and see it, really see it and embrace that though I cry and falter, though I am human and make mistakes, have many, so many imperfections that I also have a ‘gift’ from god that is all mine to share.  My gift allows me to be part of the lives of so many, their journey, your journey.

My wish, hope, dream and prayer for you today is that you open your gift, see your light and let it shine for all to see even just for today, for your moment.. share your gift for all to embrace ❤

and when you find and open your gift, really see it,  pay it forward.

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SEVEN. 7 Things About Me

Blogging is an adventure, along the way I meet fabulous people, inspiring and creative, spiritual and grateful people, funny and serious all finding their path, their place in the community.  I recently read a post by Brandi @ Finding the Path For Me.  Brandi posted 7 things about herself and I thought hey… I can do that.. haha.. easier said than done.  I do love this idea, a great way to get to know eachother.  So, Here goes…

I hope if you decide to also post your 7 things you will link back to Brandi @ Finding the Path for Me as well as here at WampumHome.

  1. I am a Sagittarius, not sure what that means, but it seems like a good place to start and something you may not know about me :).  I am 50 years old and in a hurry to post before I am 51.  One of my goals this year was to blog, so here I am.
  2. I was a single mom for 16 years. My first husband and daughter’s dad hasn’t been seen or heard from since my daughter was 3 years old.  My husband today has openly and whole heartedly embraced my daughter as his own, he loves her unconditionally as I do his daughter.  We are a ‘blended family’ who has had our struggles but make it work the best we know how.  (umm, was that 3 things?)
  3. I ramble (see #2 as well as most my posts!).
  4. I struggle with co-dependency, this may (or not) be a later post, but it’s a bad habit and one that often puts me in a position of ‘needing’ to be accepted by even the harshest critics and always questioning what I did wrong or can do different. This is not to be confused with ‘dependency’ addictions, I am a ‘co-dependent’. It speaks volumes who know where I am coming from.
  5. I am a Grandmother. I have three grandsons (2 from a previous marriage/my son in law) They are 8, 15, 17.  All beautifully handsome and kind boys.  My daughter may never ever know just how much I admire the job she has done as a mom and step mom, but I admire her so much for the life she has given them.  I’ll post about them some day, but uncertain how much is too much with blogging yet. Life has not always been easy for them, but she loves her boys and her husband with all her heart.
  6. I am the oldest of 4.  I have two brothers who live further away and a sister nearby. My parents are both alive and thriving in retirement. They are more active than most retired adults I know.  They travel, find time for ALL their grandchildren near and far , best grandparents I know.  They are known to host frequent sleepovers with the young kids.  They make time for each of us individually even if it’s a phone call, they take time to just catch up on what is going on in our lives.
  7. So, I laid in bed wondering what #7 would be and it came to me! I sleep with SEVEN PILLOWS.. true story – SEVEN PILLOWS, my husband and one of my two German Shepherds.  My husband has his own two pillows in case your wondering.

There you have it. ME. Me in a post, summed up in seven parts.  I hope you’ll join ‘us’ in posting your seven things and share/ link/ pass it on 🙂   (see links in earlier part of my post).

Thanks for reading, stopping by. For you who have been here before, Thanks so very much for sticking with me through my ‘learning’ experience.

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You know that old saying, one man’s junk is another’s treasure.  Well, TRUTH is

there’s entire movements out there based on this theory. Sharing, Yard Sales, Ebay,

Barter sites, Craigs List and so on.

Recently I started joining facebook yardsales (oh yes, virtual yard sales)  type in your Town name and yard sale or virtual yard sale and see what pops up in your area. (my cousin Cheryl turned me on to the yard sale thing) Amazing deals and great for kids, home improvement projects. You can also post “ISO” (took me a bit to figure ISO means IN SEARCH OF)  Working on a sewing project ? post : ISO fabric remnants. Here I go rambling again, this post, about  was inspired by a recent comment I made on a pillow post by Lorela of Life with Lorelai. Lorelai rocks all her posts, take a minute to click on this link and see what she has share. I commented about ‘free’ fabric (and more) with and thought this may be worth sharing with others not yet ‘in’ on the recycle/ freecycle kick.

Have you heard of FREECYCLE, tried FREECYCLE, gotten anything great?

Their Mission Statement : Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.

My experience:

So, do you have anything you no longer need/ want/ have outgrown, kids toys, bicycles, car tires, appliances, bathroom tiles, fabric, yarn, furniture ?? Well, you get the idea.. if you have something you want to ‘gift’ , give away, you post on FREECYCLE.ORG.

Looking for something like kids toys, bicycle, appliances, fabric, yarn, craft materials, furniture (o.k., I’m being repetitive) you get the idea (again) If you’re looking for something then you post ISO (your heart’s desire as long as it’s rated “G”, you can post what you need.

Some of the things I’ve given away on are extra bathroom tiles, tiles we had excess of or that were left at the house when we moved in.  I helped clean out an office a few years back and we ‘gifted’ (aka – gave away, recycled) on freecycle some office supplies, old charts, computer paper, carbon paper.  My family has given away/ gifted children’s toys, older books (yes, they still make books).

Things I’ve gotten from are a walker for a patient in my office, yarn for patients (and myself), scarves for patients having chemotherapy experiencing hair loss. I also got an awesome Crate and Barrel 8 x 10 rug (gently used!) a few years back. (can I hear an atta girl!)

You never need to let a stranger into your home, you don’t ever need to go into someone else’s home either.  Remember, this is FREE.  No cash or monies exchanging hands, so all your freebies are able to be left curbside, doorstep. Always practice safety and bring a friend or let someone know where you are going. I have never heard of a safety issue with working with this site, but Always best to practice safe ways in our daily lives.

So, if you’ve read enough and you’re ready to go find some fabulous FREE things to help you with your home projects, clothes or entertain your family, etc..   go on over, find the browse groups tab, locate your state and a town closest to you and see if this could be of interest. Remember, you can post things you need to move out, clean up out of your own homes too.  You will need to ‘join’, which is free. You’ll be prompted along.  Check it out, let me know what you think. 🙂 Would love to hear if you find anything fabulous or it helps you clear out unwanted/needed items in your life.  click here:  FREECYCLE.ORG

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Finally! or should I say “Fannily” some good news

This is a health related post (re-post?), you won’t find me doing this very often, butt … yup, i said butt..  Round bottomed people will find this liberating 🙂

A few weeks back our local news channel WCVB.COM (channel 5) shared a (click here) story, I must have missed it or I surely would have saved to my DVR for hubby to read, absorb, memorize! Fortunately we have the internet to recollect fabulous facts to share with our friends, family and like-minded or shall I say ‘like fannied” women.  I have little (or a lot) to say about this story, I think it speaks for itself, for me, for so many like me!

As you can see, I am still struggling with ‘creating links’ within a blog post, but in the interest of getting the word out… I MUST POST THIS without another moment wasted!

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I’m Too Old for This Shit or Am I ?

O.K…. So, I’m feeling a whole lot overwhelmed and ten times all that in stupid lately and old, I’m feeling really really old. I wanted to start this blog, make it work, have fun, blah blah blah yahta yahta yahta.. and here I sit spending HOURS and DAYS just trying to figure out how to link posts to pages. I spend too much time trying to find pictures (no pics with this post)…. I wanted to do a post on ‘my blog space’, which I notice a lot of my blogging buddies are doing.. HAHAHAHA… my blog space has turned into a hoarders dream!! Technology (or lack of) is overtaking my life lately.  O.K… let’s back up just a bit, oh about 15 years ago, when my house was clean(er) .. nope never CLEAN, my errands got done, my dogs got brushed, my husband had dinner on the table (well, food we called dinner… never could cook!). I only used my computer for work related ‘stuff’, emails, sharing jokes, woes, gossip…. Fast forward (or crawl) to the new age of technology… dinner???!!!! hahaha.. what can I make in 10mins or less? clean (or some version of) the house?? OMG.. can’t even admit how bad it is!! Dogs brushed.. hell, why brush when i can just wait til they shed and vacuum (note to self- make appt for groomer).  Fast forward.. to my blogging space.. or cluttered dusty mess.  My computer is ancient, I’ll admit that is a big part of my frustrations, but my determination to learn this blogging thing has kept me tied to my keyboard so long I’ve let life get ahead of me.  You get the point.. Does anyone get anything done anymore AND stay up to date on facebook, emails, twitter, pinterest, blogging? ? ? ? ? ?

Oh, did I just rant on myself??!!! yup….. I’ve been home sick for a week, seeing things in the light of day (things like dust, cobwebs, dog fur) has me in a twit (not be confused with twitter).  So, just for today I am taking the laundry out of the dryer when it’s dry, washing a few windows, dusting a few cobwebs, and clearing the clutter from my space and my mind, going old school with a ‘to do’ paper list..  Hoping next post is from a more calm place.

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The Secret Life of Brothers

For my grandsons and nephews. Love you xo.. u too Kat xo

I found this post on WordPress under ‘Blogs I Follow’, written on a blog called My Three Sons. It caught my eye, with 3 grandsons, 3 nephews, 2 brothers. I thought this was such an insightful way of how siblings develop their relationships, reminded me of times when I was a kid (yes, i was once a very long time ago young-er-ish) and how fiercely protective I felt of my sister and while they may not have known it, my brothers too.  I am thankful for all their support and love over the years and look forward to our children and grandchildren sharing stories, sorrows and victories together. 1971Christmas


Gold Can Stay

It was one of those afternoons.

It shouldn’t have been—not with the promise of an after-school trip through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-up window looming—but it was.

Edgar’s first transgression in the car happened within moments and led to a consequence.  The consequence led to a reaction.  The reaction led to another consequence.  And so it went.

When it was time for our trip to Dunkin Donuts, the wheels had come off the proverbial bus and Edgar, even if the request for his order had been proffered, wouldn’t have heard it so loud were his protestations.  As we drove to the window and picked up two treats instead of three, he was completely beside himself.

IMG_3187We drove.  Edgar’s tears flowed audibly as his brothers silently munched.   I could sense they were uncomfortable.  Sad even.  At every red light I kept a vigil through my rearview mirror, watching their collective body language and trying…

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Save Today, Extra (s&s gas starting 10/11/2013)

Got Gas? You’ll want to get yours this coming week if you live in an area with Stop & Shop grocery stores.  I’m so excited I can’t even break it all down, but here’s the NO COUPON WAY you can save BIGGrab an advertisement/flier on your way in the store so you’re sure to grab the right deals.  blogfrugalstopandshoplogo

Buy 42 cans of Hunts diced Tomatoes (can be used in kazillion ways, to name a few.. chili, dips, nachos, tacos, sauces, salads)  for every 7 you buy you’ll earn 40cents off a gallon of gas. Buy 42 cans, will net you the max $2.20 off a gallon at Stop & Shop gas stations and Shell stations with 20cents left over for next fill up.  If you live in a home with multiple cars, all go at the same time. If not, do what I do my husband does. Fill up those pretty red gas jugs.


42 cans Hunts Tom’s = $42.00                        $2.20 savings x 25 gals = $77 savings                 $77 savings less the cost of tomatoes = $35 net savings    (that is like if you gave all the 42 cans away and still saved $35 in gas!!)

This website will break down the other scenarios along with grocery deals for the week:      LOVE this site for great gas deals and so much more!  bloghowtoshopforfreelogo

I am so excited I can barely wait til the store opens on Friday morning!

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Save Today, Extra (ebates)

Have you been shopping lately? I did yesterday.. UGHHHHH traffic, parking, cranky people.. I love internet shopping. But most of the time you can purchase right from your laptop/computer/ smartphone. Last year I read and saw this site many times. Ebates:  blogebateslogo

Here is my personal review – Whoever created this site is GENIUS! We all know when you click on a link, the person who shares (myself included) ‘may’ make a few cents off their referral.  On Ebates, they hook you up with several stores on one site. Sure, they make money, but they SHARE their profit back with you!! Yes, you get an ‘ebate’ or in my world, a rebate each and every time you make a purchase (from stores you are already shopping at online).  Yes, I have used this site on more than one occasion and as recent as yesterday to shop on LLBean.  Last year my big rebates came from Kohls.  They have thousands of stores you already shop at. I do make a referral fee, but once you sign up you make one too.  Stores like OfficeMax often offers sale prices and rebates making items free. If you purchase deals like that you can ‘make’ money.  So, here is what I suggest you do TODAY.. click link, sign up, save it to your favorites, mark a note on your computer.  Anytime you need to shop online check ebates first. (any sales the store offers are still valid.. ebates is only a link to get to your store.. tracks your purchase and rebates you $$ for using their site).  You can get paid check or paypal. You can’t lose.  Costs you nothing. It’s FREE to sign up. Safe, secure site. Found this on krazycouponlady, saw on World News and read on several sites, it’s legit and safe.


Sign up today, you will be so excited come holiday shopping time.. you’ll be more motivated to $ave come holiday sales and the rebates come November/December are typically much higher than the rest of the year.  It was like my little gift to myself after the holiday craziness.  blogebateslogo

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